Uneven Ground: Literary Representations of the “Holocaust by Bullets” - Workshop Series

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This international workshop will bring together researchers at various career stages to discuss the representation of Holocaust mass shootings in a diverse range of national literatures and how these texts reflect the place of this history in international memory culture. The so-called “Holocaust by bullets”, to which over two million people fell victim during the German occupation of Eastern Europe, has occupied a marginal position in, for example, German, Austrian and British memory literature, often emerging via allusion and metaphor rather than direct efforts to represent mass killing. This workshop will examine whether this is changing, particularly over the last two decades, and discuss why literary representations of this facet of the Nazi genocide remain so scarce. This will be the first meeting of literary scholars working on this topic, which so far has been addressed primarily with respect to museums, memorials and formal commemorative practices.
Short titleUneven Ground Workshop
Effective start/end date1/08/231/10/24


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