Versatile Imaging module for rheometers

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The purpose of this research was to explore commercialisation possibilities of a new technology we have invented under a previous EPSRC grant. The technology enables researchers to visualise the particles in a concentrated colloidal suspension - such as one may find, e.g., in paints or the precursors used to manufacture ceramics - as forces are applied to the suspension to make it flow. The technology has attracted interest from a range of industries in which flowing suspensions are important either in processing or in final product use. The previous grant enabled us to build a bespoke instrument for our own research use. Under this present grant, we were able to build and demonstrate a commercial prototype. A contract is now being signed to license the technology to a major manufacturer of rheometers - instruments for measuring the flow properties of suspensions.
Effective start/end date1/09/0931/08/10


  • EPSRC: £108,043.00


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