Victims of the Berlin Wall: Political

  • Ahonen, Pertti (Principal Investigator)

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Key findings

The project, which resulted in a book and several other publications, cast new light on the role that the Berlin Wall and deaths at it played in the history of Cold War Europe. It told the stories of various individual victims of the Wall who had not received such exposure before. It compared and contrasted the political uses to which the Wall was put in the two German states during the Cold War, highlighting both similarities and differences in innovative ways. It explored how the public commemoration of the Wall has evolved since German unification in 1990, contributing to ongoing debates about German memory cultures. Overall, it showed what a central place the Wall and its victims have occupied -and continue to occupy - in the contemporary history of Germany.
Effective start/end date1/01/0830/04/08


  • AHRC: £32,748.00


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