Visually attractive and efficient photovoltaics using a new class of luminescent dyes

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In partnership with CS&E Chemistry (Prof. N. Stephenson: PI; Dr. N. Kalluvettukuzhy, PDRA), this project will examine alternative luminscent dye chemistries which are printed onto suitable acetates that can be laminated onto current solar photovoltaic cells. These inks can be used to print logos, text, colour and other graphic elements which have the potential to heighten aesthetic appeal of current solar PV Panels. ECA based Co:I will help develop these aethetics through co-design workshops with various stakeholders in conversation districts like Edinburgh to address application.

Layman's description

We're going to make the conventional black solar panel something a little more attractive by applying a graphic layer over it, with special luminscent inks developed by the chemists; the inks also increase the solar panel efficiency, as well as offering a way to turn them into canvases for graphic display
Short titleAesthetic patterns for solar PV
Effective start/end date1/10/2330/09/26


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