What is Sound Design

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"What is sound design...?" was a three day Symposium that jointly celebrated 10 years of the MSc programme in Sound Design and brought together communities of researchers, publishers, students, industry and artistic practitioners in a range of performances, keynotes, panel discussions and short presentations. Each session was geared around the unanswerable question "what is sound design...?"

Layman's description

Each day explored a different time-zone of sound design. Starting with the smallest fragments of sound, working through to very long epochs and significant duration. By decoupling sound from it's logical homes in film, TV, sonic art or whatever and talking more closely about duration, different domains that don't usually come together found they had things in common when asking "What is sound design...?".

Key findings

Sound Design means many things to a wide range of people. There are concerns that overlap domains of practice, research, technology design and commercial work, but the work on the very newest technologies appears to be relevant to all. Overwhelmingly, the role of performance and politics appeared to be significant.
Effective start/end date27/11/1329/11/13


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