(working title) gruntCount - multiplayer version

  • Parker, Martin (Principal Investigator)
  • Peter, Furniss, (Student)
  • La Berge, Anne (Researcher)

Project Details


the multiplayer version of gruntCount is actually a new piece all together with entirely new sound worlds and playing protocols. However, given that this is an evolution from the original gruntCount project, I'm keeping the name there for now.

The multiplayer edition has been evolving since December 2015 where a workshop with flutist Anne La Berge and Clarinettist Pete Furniss in Edinburgh began a process of hacking and development of the

Layman's description

a project where more than one player improvises iwthin a structure that moves with other players who also push the structure around. Think of a cube made of straws. Push any corner and the shape begins to shift, push two corners and the straws may bend, collapse and fold in on one another. Alternatively, think of a computer game played by more than one person at a time where each move made by each player changes the landscape that they explore, as they explore it.

Key findings

Multiplayer versions of improvised pieces are exponentially more complex to implement technically and artistically than single player versions of the same idea. We discovered that more agency with physical interfaces means that games between players can emerge as the main game is being played.
Interface is a significant issue in multiplayer games, should each player have the same screen, a split screen or radically different and personalised versions?
Players who are invested in the code appear to get involved more deeply in the art making issues as well.
Effective start/end date7/12/1531/08/18


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