Young children learning with toys and technology at home

  • Plowman, Lydia (Principal Investigator)

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Economic and Social Research Council

This research project will produce an account of play, learning and technology in the everyday lives of young children. Children will be three years old at the start of the period of data collection and their play experiences and interactions at home will be traced over a period of about 18 months in twelve households.

The study investigates how children perceive, acquire and develop their experiences with technology at home and will produce a nuanced account of children’s interactions with a range of domestic, leisure and work technologies, including technological toys. The extent of children’s engagement with these toys, how they are integrated into play activities and the influence of family practices and everyday activities on children’s play and learning will be central. The studies will use video, instant photographs and drawings, as well as observations and conversations with parents, children and other family members. The studies aim to: document an ecological framework of children in their natural settings, describe children’s play activities, produce accounts of family members’ perspectives and attitudes, and create case studies of specific technological objects.
Effective start/end date1/02/0830/07/11


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