A proposal for a dualistic ontology of art

Simon Fokt

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While pluralism in ontology of art improves on various monistic views, through its eclectic approach it lost a lot of their simplicity, parsimony, unity and intuitiveness. The dualistic theory presented in this paper offers an alternative – it shares the advantages of the monistic views while retaining the wide scope of pluralism, and thus should be preferred for methodological reasons. On this view all artworks are at the same time abstract universals which are called recipes , and particular physical objects – realisations . The fact that various artworks seem to differ in their ontology is due to certain fairly consistent culturally determined biases which cause people to prioritise the above compounds differently in cases of different arts. Thus the diversity of arts should not be considered on the level of ontology, as the pluralists would hold, but epistemology, or even further – socially determined phenomena concerning customary perception of various artworks.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
Pages (from-to)29-47
Number of pages19
JournalSztuka i Filozofia
Issue number19th Jubilee International Congress of Aesthetics issue
Publication statusPublished - 2013


  • Aesthetics
  • art
  • dualism
  • ontology
  • pluralism
  • type and token

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