Advancement of photospheric radius expansion and clocked type-I x-ray burst models with the new 22Mg(α,p)25 Al reaction rate determined at Gamow energy

J. Hu*, H Yamaguchi, Y H Lam*, A Heger, D Kahl, A M Jacobs, Z Johnston, S W Xu, N T Zhang, S B Ma, L H Ru, E Q Liu, T Liu, S. Hayakawa, L. Yang, H Shimizu, C B Hamill, A. St. J. Murphy, J Su, X. FangK Y Chae, M S Kwag, S M Cha, N N Duy, N K Uyen, D H Kim, R. G. Pizzone, M. La Cognata, S. Cherubini, S. Romano, A. Tumino, J Liang, A Psaltis, M Sferrazza, D H Kim, Y Y Li, S Kubono

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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