al-Maqrīzī as a reader of The Testament of Ardašīr

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This chapter discusses the way al-Maqrīzī quotes ʿAhd Ardašīr through Miskawayhi. As we have at our disposal al-Maqrīzī's holograph and the manuscript of Miskawayhi's Tağārib he used, we can see exactly how al-Maqrīzī understood the text he quoted. This is particularly illuminating in cases where Miskawayhi, or the copyist of the manuscript, had misunderstood the ʿAhd and al-Maqrīzī had a partly corrupt text in front of him. Even though elsewhere al-Maqrīzī can be very free with his sources, with this text he avoids emendations and aims at high fidelity to the text. Sometimes, however, we can see how he has misunderstood the text and changed its original meaning.
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Title of host publicationAuthors as Readers in the Mamlūk Period and Beyond
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  • al-Maqrīz
  • ʿAhd Ardašīr
  • mistakes
  • copying
  • quoting


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