An Interview with Ivette Gomes

I. F. Alves, M. de Carvalho

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Maria Ivette Gomes was born July 21, 1948 in Almada, Portugal. After obtaining a BSc in Pure Mathematics in 1970 from the University of Lisbon, Ivette moved in to the University of Sheffield where she completed her PhD in Statistics in 1978, under the supervision of Clive Anderson. Research on statistics of extremes in Portugal has now a long tradition, with Ivette being one of the founders of the movement, along with Tiago de Oliveira (19281992). Ivette was co-founder of the Portuguese Statistical Society, and acted as its President from 1990 until 1994; since 1975 she played a key role in the Center of Statistics and Applications (CEAUL), being its scientific coordinator from 1999 until 2006. She was Professor at the Department of Statistics and Operations Research, University of Lisbon, from 1986 until her retirement in 2011. She has been an influential and distinguished scientist in the field of statistics of extremes, through her research, teaching and supervision activities, as well an ambassador of the `school of extremes' in Portugal.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)563-583
Number of pages21
Issue number4
Early online date3 Sep 2015
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2015


  • Civil Engineering,Environmental Management,History of statistics in Portugal,Hydrogeology,NATO ASI on Statistical Extremes and Applications,Penultimate approximations,Primary—01A70,Quality Control
  • Reliability
  • Safety and Risk,Reduced-bias estimation,Secondary—62G32,Statistics for Business/Economics/Mathematical Finance/Insurance,Statistics
  • general

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