Megan Baker (Photographer)

Research output: Non-textual formDesign


ANA is an attempt to explore the connection between depression, madness and creativity through the re-telling of the Inanna myth. The play understands that depression and madness exist on a continuum of mental health. Creativity is understood both in its biological form of giving birth/raising children and in its artistic form of self expression and communication.

As each of the Ana’s split, they transform nationalities, speaking different languages and being part of those different cultures. In Edinburgh Ana speaks English and in Montreal she speaks French. The transnational element of the story connects with “Inanna”, the most ancient known story about the descent of a young woman into the underworld who divests herself of all her worldly goods in the search for knowledge. All of our Ana’s lose everything on their different journeys through the play, looking for and running away from their mother. All of them also find some peace and to meet ‘all of themselves’.

The archetypal nature of the story of Ana is played out through the connections this post-modern, 21st century version makes between the ancient myth and the icons of womanhood and femininity we still embrace and struggle with today, for example Diana Princess of Wales, Amy Winehouse, Sarah Kane, Marilyn Monroe, Hedda or Nora (from Ibsen’s iconic Victorian plays, the immured pregnant Ana of the Romanian myth ‘Meşterul Manole’ and Persephone of Greek myth who is a version of the Virgo of the Zodiac harvest. Finally there is the mother of all changing women, Innana of Southern Mesopotamia.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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