Anna Walker

Suzanne Trill, Christina Luckyj (Editor), Patricia Pender (Editor), Rosalind Smith (Editor)

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Anna Walker (née Busk) was born in Copenhagen sometime between 1567 and 1574 and probably died there in 1620. Nevertheless, historical records demonstrate that Walker’s life was highly peripatetic, as she moved between Denmark, England, Germany, and the Low Countries. Her major contribution to early modern women’s writing is “A SWEETE SAVOR, for Woman” (c. 1604–08). This volume was intended as a New Year’s gift for its dedicatee, Queen Anna of Denmark, and it contains possibly the first sermon in English by a woman writer. Walker is also the author of some letters in Low German, written in August 1616, that position her as a chiliastic prophetess. Although predominantly written in English and Low German, Walker’s writing reveals some Dutch influences and includes some High German idioms; thus, her texts offer a potentially fascinating case study for those interested in early modern women’s multilingualism.
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Title of host publicationThe Palgrave Encyclopedia of Early Modern Women's Writing
EditorsPatricia Pender, Rosalind Smith
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