ARIA pharmacy 2018 "Allergic rhinitis care pathways for community pharmacy"

S Bosnic-Anticevich, E Costa, E Menditto, O Lourenço, E Novellino, S Bialek, V Briedis, R Buonaiuto, H Chrystyn, B Cvetkovski, S Di Capua, V Kritikos, A Mair, V Orlando, E Paulino, J Salimäki, R Söderlund, R Tan, D M Williams, P WroczynskiI Agache, I J Ansotegui, J M Anto, A Bedbrook, C Bachert, M Bewick, C Bindslev-Jensen, J Brozek, G W Canonica, V Cardona, W Carr, T Casale, N H Chavannes, J Correia de Sousa, A A Cruz, W Czarlewski, G De Carlo, P Demoly, P Devillier, M S Dykewicz, M Gaga, Y El-Gamal, J Fonseca, W J Fokkens, M A Guzmán, T Haahtela, P W Hellings, M Illario, J C Ivancevich, J Just, I Kaidashev, M Khaitov, N Khaltaev, T Keil, L Klimek, M L Kowalski, P Kuna, V Kvedariene, D Larenas-Linnemann, D Laune, L T T Le, K C Lodrup Carlsen, B Mahboub, D Maier, J Malva, P Manning, M Morais-Almeida, R Mösges, J Mullol, L Münter, R Murray, R Naclerio, L Namazova-Baranova, K Nekam, T D Nyembue, K Okubo, R E O'Hehir, K Ohta, Y Okamoto, G L Onorato, S Palkonen, P Panzner, N G Papadopoulos, H S Park, R Pawankar, O Pfaar, J Phillips, D Plavec, T A Popov, P Potter, E P Prokopakis, R E Roller-Wirnsberger, M Rottem, D Ryan, B Samolinski, M Sanchez-Borges, H J Schunemann, A Sheikh, J C Sisul, D Somekh, C Stellato, T To, A Todo-Bom, P V Tomazic, S Toppila-Salmi, A Valero, A Valiulis, E Valovirta, M T Ventura, M Wagenmann, D Wallace, S Waserman, M Wickman, P K Yiallouros, A Yorgancioglu, O M Yusuf, H J Zar, M E Zernotti, L Zhang, M Zidarn, T Zuberbier, J Bousquet

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Pharmacists are trusted health professionals. Many patients use over-the-counter (OTC) medications and are seen by pharmacists who are the initial point of contact of allergic rhinitis management in most countries. The role of pharmacists in integrated care pathways (ICPs) for allergic diseases is important. This paper builds on existing studies and provides tools intended to help pharmacists provide optimal advice/interventions/strategies to patients with rhinitis. The ARIA-pharmacy ICP includes a diagnostic questionnaire specifically focusing attention on key symptoms and markers of the disease, a systematic Diagnosis Guide (including differential diagnoses) and a simple flowchart with proposed treatment for rhinitis and asthma multimorbidity. Key prompts for referral within the ICP are included. The use of technology is critical to enhance the management of AR. However, the ARIA-pharmacy ICP should be adapted to local health care environments/situations as regional (national) differences exist in pharmacy care. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 18 Dec 2018


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