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Artistgoodforyou was a group show, organised by Saoirse Higgins, Lecturer, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dublin and selected by Mike Stubbs, Director of the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT), Liverpool, as an ISEA2009 (International Symposium of Electronic Art) Pre-symposium event in November 2008. The exhibition presented digital artworks by 33 selected artists, available for Bluetooth download to mobile phones, via a number of Bluetooth hubs at various locations within the ‘creative corridor’ of Thomas Street, Dublin from 10-17 Nov 2008.

The work I exhibited ‘Madame I’ is a short film for mobile phones, inspired by a neurological study in the early 20th century, documenting a patients loss of proprioception or bodily awareness. . Her predicament, and her lucid, poignant description of it, resonates with the disembodied nature of our contemporary networked lives, of everyday mobile and digital technologies.

This work transposes Madame I’s real-life condition on to a 3D animated character. From inside a mobile phone, she contemplates the nature of her disembodied predicament. Madame I continues my attempt to create projects that interrogate the impact of technology on the body, relationships and human experience.

“A character in search of a movie? A soul separated from its body? What – and where – is Madame I? Artist Beverley Hood has used mobile technology to highlight the fragmented, technology-dependent nature of modern existence.” (

Madame I was an Artist’s Film & Video production supported by The National Lottery through Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen. Additional support was provided by CereProc, The Tacticus Project and Sharewire.

Madame I has previously screened at the 61st Edinburgh International Film Festival (2007), Bird’s Eye Film Festival, London (2008) and in Alt-w: New Directions in Scottish Digital Culture at the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Glasgow, curated by Mark Daniels, Executive Director, New Media Scotland in collaboration with Francis McKee, Director, Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Glasgow.

Exhibiting Artists:
Nurit Bar Shai, Alan Butler, Vera klute, Sarah Boothroyd, Slavek Kwi, Fiona Larkin, Richard Brown, Benjamin Gaulon, Philip O Ceallaigh, Michael O’Connell, Beverley Hood, Baiyon, Saoirse Higgins, Jon Stevenson, Cliona Harmey, Leah Hilliard, Joan Healey, Doris Rohr, Hendersonfive, Claire Nidecker, Lorraine Byrne, Ciara Agnew, Aisling O’ Beirn, Aoife Ludlow, Aine Belton, Cormac Browne, Lanfranco Aceti, Lucy Hg, Ivan Twohig, John Fitzpatrick, Amy Walsh.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationDublin
Publication statusPublished - 10 Nov 2008


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