capC-MAP: software for analysis of Capture-C data

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Summary: Capture-C is a member of the chromosome-conformation-capture family of experimental methods which probes the 3-D organisation of chromosomes within the cell nucleus. It provides high-resolution information on the genome-wide chromatin interactions from a set of \target" genomic locations, and is growing in popularity as a tool for improving our understanding of cis-regulation and gene function. Yet, analysis of the data is complicated, and to date there has been no dedicated or easy-to-use software to automate the process. We present capC-MAP, a software package for the analysis of Capture-C data.
Availability and Implementation: Implemented with both ease of use and
exibility in mind, capC-MAP is a suit of programs written in C++ and Python, where each program can be run separately, or an entire analysis can be performed with a single command line. It is available under an open-source licence at, as well as via the conda package manager, and should run on any standard Unix-style system.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 7 Jun 2019

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