CCS for Industrial Sources of CO2 in Europe

Peter Brownsort

Research output: Working paper


• Energy intensive industries in Europe contribute significantly to GDP, employment and innovation
– Iron and steel, cement, refineries, chemicals combined have turnover of € 900 billion, c.7% of EU GDP, 25% of EU industry
– These sectors employ directly 1.75 million, 0.7% of EU labour force, 2.9% of EU industry employment
– Materials and innovations skills from these industries needed to grow green economy
• CCS is a key technology to achieve deep cuts in emissions from industry
• Fundamental industrial processes have inherent CO2 formation where capture is only option for avoiding emissions
• CCS from large industrial sources can play major role in achieving 2030 emission reducGon targets
• Appropriate policies and support mechanisms needed to achieve rate of deployment required
• Need wider measures to achieve 2050 targets
– Efficiency improvements, fuel switching, CCS in wider and smaller applications
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2013

Publication series

NameSCCS Working Papers
No.WP SCCS 2013-05


  • carbon capture and storage
  • CCS
  • industrial CCS


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