Clinical and CT Sialography findings in 22 dogs with surgically confirmed sialoceles

Yi Lin Tan, Ana de Castro Marques, Tobias Schwarz, Jordan Mitchell, Tiziana Liuti

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Sialoceles are an uncommon canine salivary gland disease and complete surgical resection is important for a positive outcome. Radiographic sialography has been described as a diagnostic test for pre-surgical planning, however superimposition artifacts may limit diagnosis and detection of all affected glands. CT sialography is a promising technique in delineating the salivary gland apparatus. Aims of this retrospective, observational study were to describe clinical and CT sialographic findings in a group of dogs with confirmed sialoceles, to determine the sensitivity of CT sialography for detecting affected salivary glands using surgery as the
reference standard, and to determine inter-observer agreement for CT sialographic assessments.
Dogs were included if they underwent a CT sialography study followed by surgical resection of the diseased gland(s) and histopathological analysis. CT sialography studies of dogs with surgically confirmed sialoceles (n=22) were reviewed by an ECVDI-certified radiologist and an ECVDI resident. Inter-observer agreement was calculated using Cohen’s kappa statistics. CT sialography results were compared to surgical findings to determine sensitivity. Contrast leakage was detected in 12/22 dogs (54.5%); with intra-sialocele leakage most observed (7/12, 58.3%). There was substantial agreement (κ = 0.70) between reviewers identifying diseased glands; substantial agreement (κ = 0.62) on the diagnostic quality, and
absent to slight agreement (к = 0.13) in the detection of contrast leakage. The overall sensitivity of CT sialography to detect surgically confirmed diseased glands was 66.7% (95% confidence interval: 48.8-80.8). In conclusion, findings supported using CT sialography as an adjunct diagnostic test for treatment planning in dogs with sialoceles.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)699-710
JournalVeterinary Radiology and Ultrasound
Issue number6
Early online date30 May 2022
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2022


  • salivary mucocele
  • CT sialography
  • salivary gland
  • dog


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