Cloud Cosmology : Building the Web Interface for iCosmo

Thomas Kitching, Adam Amara, Anais Rassat, Alexandre Refregier

Research output: Working paper


Astronomy and cosmology have embraced the internet. We routinely and successfully use the internet as a repository for sharing code, publications and information, and as a computational resource. However the interactive nature of the web, for use as an alternative to downloading code has been largely overlooked. In this article we will outline a simple framework in which a cosmological code can be turned into an interactive web interface. This is presented as a result of creating which is a front-end for the open-source software iCosmo. We explain how an HTML page can be created and how a cosmological code can be incorporated into a web environment using CGI scripts. We outline how plots and downloadable text can be made, and describe how help and documentation can be created. By using simple HTML and CGI scripts a basic web interface for any cosmological code can be created easily. We provide a worked example of the methods outlined, which can be used as a simple template by any researcher who wants to share their work online.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2009


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