Coalition Search and Rescue - Task Support: Intelligent Task Achieving Agents on the Semantic Web

Austin Tate, J Dalton, J M Bradshaw, A Uszok

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The Coalition Search and Rescue Task Support (CoSAR-TS) has been a DARPA DAML Program project to provide advanced capabilities linking models of organizational structures, policies, and doctrines with intelligent task support software. The project integrates AIAI’s I-X planning and collaboration technology, IHMC’s KAoS policy and domain services, and Semantic Web Services of various kinds. Search and rescue operations by nature require the kind of rapid dynamic composition of available policy-constrained services making it a good use case for Semantic Web technologies. Other participants in the application include BBN Technologies, SPAWAR, AFRL, and Carnegie Mellon University. At the beginning of the project, the joint AIAI/IHMC aims were: - Development of base technologies respectively I-X/I-Plan and KAoS Policy and Domain Services, - Deployment of the technology in a realistic CoAX agents demonstrator scenario, - Persuasion of closer integration of these two technologies with a perspective of a uniform tool release in the future. These goals were achieved in the subsequent years of the project as follows: - Year 1: Distributed multi-agent systems were developed and integrated with the semantic web in a realistic coalition search and rescue scenario. This culminated in an AAAI-2004 Intelligent Systems Demonstrator for CoSAR-TS. - Year 2: An initial web services composition and policy analysis tool for semantic web services (I-K-C) was implemented. The activity culminated in an IEEE Intelligent Systems journal article and an ISWC 2004 conference paper. Results of the project are available from several web sites including: the CoSAR-TS Project web site, the DAML-program results related SemWebCentral web site, and the I-K-C project web pages at AIAI and IHMC (please see Appendix C for details). The software developed during the project is available for download from the above-mentioned web pages. The projected also produced an impressive list of quality publications that thoroughly documented and publicized the project results in the research and military communities. The technology developed by the project is being used in a further transition effort with JFCOM/JPRA in the Co-OPR project, a seedling for DARPA’s Integrated Battle Command program (
Original languageEnglish
PublisherArtificial Intelligence Applications Institute
Commissioning bodyDARPA
Publication statusPublished - 2006


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