Continuous tensor categories from quantum groups I: algebraic aspects

Gus Schrader, Alexander Shapiro

Research output: Working paper


We describe the algebraic ingredients of a proof of the conjecture of Frenkel and Ip that the category of positive representations Pλ of the quantum group Uq(sln+1) is closed under tensor products. Our results generalize those of Ponsot and Teschner in the rank 1 case of Uq(sl2). In higher rank, many nontrivial features appear, the most important of these being a surprising connection to the quantum integrability of the open Coxeter-Toda lattice. We show that the closure under tensor products follows from the orthogonality and completeness of the Toda eigenfunctions (i.e. the q-Whittaker functions), and obtain an explicit construction of the Clebsch-Gordan intertwiner giving the decomposition of Pλ⊗Pμ into irreducibles.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusSubmitted - 27 Aug 2017


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