Coordinating the Activities of a Planner and an Execution Agent

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We have defined a research programme that will explore the link between planning and execution systems. A simple scenario has been defined in which we have a very capable off-line planning system interacting with the user and a smaller, less capable, on-line real-time system executing plans and reacting to faults. However, the on-line execution system may have a more flexible representation of the plans it is executing. This imbalance in the capabilities of the two "agents" involved should clarify some of the research objectives and give us an experimental framework for our work. Our task is to investigate the knowledge representations and communication protocols needed to link a user stating some requirements for a task to be carried out through a planning system to the (remote) execution agent that can carry out the user's wishes. We are starting from the notion that a single representation can encapsulate the expression of the user's requirements, the capabilities for action, the communication to the execution agent, the successful or faulty response from the execution agent and the means of keeping the user informed. This is based on our work on Goal Structure, which captures the intent of plan steps; Task Formalism, a declarative input language for the planners we have built at Edinburgh; and on the definition of a Plan State. Methods of creating plan patches to update the plans separately held by each of the parties involved to keep them in step as they each react to changing circumstances in real-time will he investigated. This will involve the specification of plan patch attachment points that can be understood by the recipient. We will also investigate transaction based methods for coordinating the activities of the planner with those of the execution agent and user. The trial application area for the research is in the command and control of an advanced Earth Observation Space Platform.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of the Second NASA Conference on Space Telerobotics
EditorsG Rodriguez, H Seraji
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - Feb 1989

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PublisherJet Propulsion Laboratory


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