CT-grading system for rabbit dental disease

P Battiato , A Athinodorou , Jenna Richardson, L Sorrenti , M Manfredi , G Sala , Tobias Schwarz, Maurizio Longo

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Dental disease (DD) is a common pathology in domestic rabbits, often involving adjacent bone and soft tissue structures, nasal and orbital cavities. This study aims to establish a simple CT-based grading system for rabbit DD.
For this retrospective study, medical database were evaluated for rabbits with clinically detected dental malocclusion and associated nasal discharge/exophthalmos. Two
observers independently and blindly reviewed CT images of rabbits with DD. A grade of 1 to 3b was used to evaluate every dental quadrant: 1= lesions confined to the tooth, 2= lesions involving the maxillary/mandibular bone, 3a= lesions associated with soft tissues swelling, 3b= soft tissue associated lesions extending to the nasal and/or orbital cavities. The inter-observer agreement was evaluated with weight Kappa test. Patients treatment and history were also recorded and statistically compared to the CT grade with Chisquare test. Statistical significance was accepted for p-values < 0.05.
53 rabbits with clinically suspected dental disease were included, for a total of 212 dental quadrants being individually evaluated. The study demonstrates a perfect level of interobserver agreement for CT grading (weighted K 0.98, p-value Discussion/Conclusion:
The developed CT grading proved to be a feasible and reliable method to assess dental
disease in rabbits.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 14 Sep 2022
Event2022 EVDI Annual Congress - scotland, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Duration: 14 Sep 202217 Sep 2022


Conference2022 EVDI Annual Congress
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
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