Design considerations for group interventions for adolescent victims of interpersonal violence in Chile

Cristóbal Guerra, Edgardo Toro, Emily P Taylor, Paula Lobos, Cristián Pinto-Cortez

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Whilst individual psychotherapy is effective in treating the consequences of interpersonal violence, the demand for care usually exceeds the capacity of healthcare systems. Group interventions allow access for more children and adolescents, but evidence of their effectiveness is still scarce. Our objective was to investigate the opinions of Chilean professionals on what should be considered when designing group psychotherapeutic interventions for adolescent. Participants were 85 psychologists and social workers who work with adolescents exposed to violence. Participants completed an online survey about their opinions regarding the issues that should be addressed in group interventions. Thematic analysis uncovered broad support for this type of group intervention as part of a larger intervention process. Participants suggested that initial phases of the intervention should be carried out in a group format, address general aspects of trauma and intervention, and highlight personal resources and aspects of normal life. The individual trauma narratives should be addressed later, in individual therapy. Participants proposed a balance between psychoeducation and experiential activities. The results support group interventions to allow a better use of professional resources to face high demand for treatment, but it should be part of an intervention in phases, taking care not to retraumatize group participants.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1318-1336
JournalJournal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma
Issue number10
Early online date17 Jun 2022
Publication statusPublished - 2 Dec 2022


  • group interventions
  • adolescents
  • interpersonal violence
  • psychotherapy
  • trauma
  • healthcare professionals
  • Chile
  • intervention


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