Ruben Van Coile, Luke Bisby, David Rush, Martina Manes

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution


Contemporary society increasingly emphasizes the importance of robust and resilient systems that can maintain their functionality or easily recover after a damaging event. For structural fire safety engineering, this emphasis on post-event performance requires new ways of thinking (and designing). Currently most structural fire safety requirements are intended to provide sufficient time for building occupants and fire and rescue services to evacuate, with a clear focus on life safety. As part of the trend towards resilience-based design, structural fire safety engineering needs to begin to explicitly consider the post-fire damage, usability, and reparability of structures. To highlight the complexity of this area, and to illustrate some of the key concepts that ought to be considered, this paper presents some of the issues around the practicality of a design concept of ‘design for post-fire use’ using a simple example of a cantilever concrete slab exposed to fire from below. The post-fire load bearing capacity of the slab is evaluated considering exposure to a Eurocode parametric heating curve, and structural fragility curves are derived to indicate the a priori probability that the fire affected slab will need structural strengthening to allow for unrestricted continued use after a fully developed fire in the compartment below. The fragility curves show that in this case a minor reduction in cantilever length can significantly reduce the probability of requiring strengthening post-fire, and conceptually demonstrates that incremental changes in design and construction may significantly improve robustness/resilience with respect to fire.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication2nd International Conference on Structural Safety under Fire & Blast Loading - CONFAB 2017
EditorsYong Lu, Asif Usmani, Katherine Cashell, Purnendu Das
ISBN (Electronic)978-1-9998536-0-0
Publication statusPublished - 10 Sep 2017
Event2nd International Conference on Structural Safety under Fire and Blast Loading - London
Duration: 10 Sep 2017 → …


Conference2nd International Conference on Structural Safety under Fire and Blast Loading
Abbreviated titleCONFAB2017
Period10/09/17 → …
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