Discovery and characterization of functional modules associated with body weight in broilers

Eirini Tarsani, Andreas Kranis, Gerasimos Maniatis, Santiago Avendano, Ariadne L Hager-Theodorides, Antonios Kominakis

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Abstract / Description of output

Aim of the present study was to investigate whether body weight (BW) in broilers is associated with functional modular genes. To this end, first a GWAS for BW was conducted using 6,598 broilers and the high density SNP array. The next step was to search for positional candidate genes and QTLs within strong LD genomic regions around the significant SNPs. Using all positional candidate genes, a network was then constructed and community structure analysis was performed. Finally, functional enrichment analysis was applied to infer the functional relevance of modular genes. A total number of 645 positional candidate genes were identified in strong LD genomic regions around 11 genome-wide significant markers. 428 of the positional candidate genes were located within growth related QTLs. Community structure analysis detected 5 modules while functional enrichment analysis showed that 52 modular genes participated in developmental processes such as skeletal system development. An additional number of 14 modular genes (GABRG1, NGF, APOBEC2, STAT5B, STAT3, SMAD4, MED1, CACNB1, SLAIN2, LEMD2, ZC3H18, TMEM132D, FRYL and SGCB) were also identified as related to body weight. Taken together, current results suggested a total number of 66 genes as most plausible functional candidates for the trait examined.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)9125
JournalScientific Reports
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 24 Jun 2019


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