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Susan Cross (Photographer)

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In 2009 I was invited to give a paper on my practise and exhibit jewellery at the International Textile Festival, Stroud, Gloucestershire. My paper focused on my continued research into specific areas of textiles & costume, notably at: Textile & Costume Museum, Barcelona 1993, Calico Museum, Ahmedabad, India in 1998 and the Kyoto Costume Institute, Japan, 1999. More recently at Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum, Sookmyung Womens University, Seoul, Korea in 2008. Parallels were drawn between gathered visual research, translations through drawings often in collage and the design development of these into jewellery pieces. Alongside the lecture I exhibited a series of jewellery that explored textile techniques, challenging new ways of constructing with wire and thread.
Association of Contemporary Jewellery( ACJ) conference; Crossings: a convergence of ideas, materials & technologies, West Dean, 2010. I submitted an abstract for a paper titled: Susan Cross – Jewellery, Textiles, Travel – an exploration of dialogues between different craft disciplines & cultures. This paper examined the development of my practise but focused in particular on Interface: an exhibition of international art textiles. 2005. An exhibition I curated and that toured to Wales from Scotland. Martina Margetts contributed an essay for the accompanying book. In depth examination was disseminated regarding the extensive research conducted over two year, the reasoning for selection and the impact that this had and continues to have on my practise. Particularly questioning how exhibition within the public sphere communicate.
This exhibition was reviewed by Dr Jessica Hemmings in Selvedge magazine.
Invited to present a paper at a symposium titled: Annie Albers: innovation, inspiration & legacy organised by Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales in partnership with Open University. I was asked to consider and examine the influence that her approach to textile design and teaching has had on my practise. My paper was titled: Drawing through Making – exploring creative dialogues between research, studio and professional practise. Parallels were drawn between the philosophies of Annie Albers, her research drawings, teaching methods, experimental work in constructed textiles and that of the work of Eva Hesse (one of Albers’s students) at Black Mountain College, USA.
Objects of Status, Power & Adornment: studio jewellery movement 1950-2011, Mobilia Gallery, Boston, USA. Invited to present a collection of seminal jewellery pieces – these illustrated my interest in translating textile techniques into precious metals and exploring unusual ways of joining metal to textiles; the contrast between hard and soft, controlled linear drawn qualities and the untameable thread.
Crafts in Dialogue (recipients of the Inches Carr Trust Bursary) 2011, Dovecot Galleries, Edinburgh. In recognition of an Inches Carr Award in2001, I was invited to participate in this exhibition. Key pieces of work were selected from 2001 – 2010; for their innovation, quality and experimentation with textile techniques. This timeline was concluded with three new works using vitreous enamel and innovative ways of cold connections with Korean thread and wood.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2012


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