Double Pelican - StudioRCA: A collaborative experiment

David Moore (Artist), Kate Davis (Artist)

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


The first artist residency at StudioRCA [A new project space at Nine Elms funded by ST James] “Double Pelican -a collaborative experiment.” Pushing boundaries of language and image. The drawing 'Afterthought I ' was made during this time.
Having bridged the activity of working with poetry and collage during previous collaborations they thought about adopting the use of parentheses -as in written language- as a way of understanding a collaboration or indeed a period of residency as part of a continuing individual practice; where the meaning or direction of the individual practice still makes sense out-with that activity but is none the less enhanced by this additional activity.
Crossing between languages has been inherent in the work produced during these collaborations. They have deliberately engaged in converging visual imagery with poetry, text and musical scores.
During this latest residency they decided to make a series of images or experiments within the form of braces or curly brackets, which are not to be confused with parentheses but are used to contain whole texts or a number of lines from poetry: but most commonly as a third set of parenthesis within mathematics or in musical notation.
The idea being that everything going on within these braces somehow questioned the rules of language - or equally - qualified everything held within them as a form of language.
To this end they built two 5-meter braces, which took the form of workbenches or desks or display shelves and everything that happened on or between them became part of the language cross-over they explored during the residency; whether visual, text based or indeed the conversations between themselves and others that entered the space during this period of experimentation.


  • StudioRCA


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