Vliianie millimetrovykh voln na immunnuiu sistemu mysheĭ s éksperimental'nymi opukholiami

Translated title of the contribution: Effect oh millimeter waves on the immune system in mice with experimental tumors

E G Novoselova, V B Ogaĭ, O A Sinotova, O V Glushkova, O V Sorokina, E E Fesenko

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


The effect of low-level millimeter fractionated radiation on the production of tumor necrosis factor, intreleukin-2, interleukine-3, and nitric oxide and on the activity of natural killer cells and proliferation of T and B lymphocytes in mice was studied. Cell activity was measured in four groups of male Balb/c mice (control, exposed, tumor-bearing unexposed, and exposed tumor-bearing animals) within 30 days of tumoral growth and microwave exposure (42.2 GHz, 10 Hz amplitude modulation, 0.5 microW/cm2, 1.5 h daily). A significant increase in the production of tumor necrosis factor and nitric oxide and in the activity of natural killer cells was observed at the early stage of tumor development; this effect was considered as adaptive response. In healthy mice, millimeter radiation produced both stimulating and immunodepressive effects. The changes were nonmonotonous; as the exposure duration was increased, the stimulating effect became weaker and on day 30 it was not observed. Irradiation of tumor-bearing mice did not induce any significant changes in the activity of cells compared to unirradiated tumor-bearing animals. Moreover, exposure to millimeter waves impaired some characteristics of cell immunity in tumor-bearing mice. It was concluded that low-intensity millimeter waves do not increase the resistance against tumor as it was shown earlier in our experiments with centimeter waves.

Translated title of the contributionEffect oh millimeter waves on the immune system in mice with experimental tumors
Original languageOther
Pages (from-to)933-42
Number of pages10
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 26 Oct 2002


  • Animals
  • B-Lymphocytes
  • Carcinoma, Ehrlich Tumor
  • Cell Division
  • Electromagnetic Fields
  • Immunity, Cellular
  • Interleukin-2
  • Interleukin-3
  • Killer Cells, Natural
  • Lymphocyte Activation
  • Male
  • Mice
  • Mice, Inbred BALB C
  • Neoplasm Transplantation
  • Nitric Oxide
  • Spleen
  • T-Lymphocytes
  • Time Factors
  • Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha


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