Envisioning Future Premodern Materialisms: Mobilitas Loci (Muller Ltd.) | 7th Annual Conference on the New Materialisms

Neil Mulholland, Norman Hogg

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


Mobilitas Loci (Muller Ltd.) is a frenetic 20 minute audio-visual encounter with future neomedieval materialisms.

Neomedievalisms are cultural practices that breathe a bouquet of premoderns as permanent rehearsals of coming events. Neomedievalisms identify and develop possible ‘premodern futures’ through visceral, indulgent, lavish, liturgical and ludic materialisms.

Given its nonmodern condition, contemporary artistic practice has as much in common with the animism of the middle ages as it does with the avant-garde of the 20th century. Since 2009, we have developed neomedieval materialisms with their own nonmodern lexicon, dense hypereconomic practices that combine production, transfer, consumption, humilitas and virtus.

This A/V performance takes the form of a bestiary entry on the dog-head Muller Ltd., a more-than—human protagonist emerging from our theory-fiction thN Lng Folk 2 Go (Punctum: 2013). Muller Ltd. is a ‘junior solution aligner’ forever on a quest for a business model that will allow actants to become their own markets and, thus, achieve comprehensive stasis. Situated in a neomedieval passion park, New Forest Coven Mall, buried beneath the underground PATH network in downtown Toronto, the performance entwines a number of medieval sources (from the Bestiary of Philippe de Thaon to Foxe's Book of Martyrs) with the corpus of living and fictitious artists, knowledge-architects, Ponzi schemers, and philosophers. The bestiary accounts for Muller Ltd.’s virtual pilgrimage through the transtime of the New Forest Coven Mall in search of a vibrant probe-material that physically embodies heterogeneous trans-temporalities and sensoria thorough its ‘immortal’ reproductivity.

We will perform the work live in a mixture of middle and modern Scots and middle American mall talk accompanied by Electronic Voice Phenomena recordings of the medieval dead (who serve as omnipotent narrators) and overclocked, hi-fi animations farmed in the ‘uncanny valley’.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 23 Sep 2016
EventNew Materialism Conference 2016 - Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
Duration: 21 Sep 201623 Sep 2016


ConferenceNew Materialism Conference 2016


  • Contemporary Art
  • Neomedievalism
  • nonmodern
  • premodern
  • futurity
  • envisioning
  • transtime
  • palimpsested time
  • situatedness
  • loci
  • middle-ness
  • pre/posthumanism
  • hypereconomies
  • virtus
  • performative materialisms


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