Frequency of blood type A, B, and AB in 515 domestic shorthair cats from the Lisbon area

C. Marques, Marisa Ferreira, J. Gomes, Nuno Leitao, Marta Costa, Pedro Serra, José H. Duarte-correia, Constanca Pomba

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Background: The A, B, and AB feline blood types are recognized worldwide and their frequencies vary geographically and among breeds. Frequencies of feline blood types have been reported previously from northern Portugal; however, they are unknown in other parts of the country.

Objectives: This 13-year retrospective study was undertaken to determine the frequency of feline blood types in domestic shorthair (DSH) cats from the Lisbon area of central Portugal.

Methods: Blood samples were obtained at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of the Technical University of Lisbon and its Veterinary Blood Bank and at several veterinary clinics in the Lisbon area. Blood-typing was performed by the classical agglutination assay or using a cartridge assay.

Results: The study population comprised 515 DSH cats of both sexes and various ages. Frequencies of blood types A, B, and AB were 97.5%, 2.1%, and 0.4%, respectively.

Conclusion: As in other parts of the world, this study showed a clear predominance of type-A cats in the Lisbon area of Portugal.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)185-187
Number of pages3
JournalVeterinary Clinical Pathology: An International Journal of Laboratory Medicine
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 24 Mar 2011


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