Ghosts: solo exhibition

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


Title of Output: Vaiduokliai - Ghosts
Date(s) of Output: 30.9.11 - 12.11.11
Type of Output: Solo Exhibition
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Venue or Publisher: Akademia Gallery, Academy of Fine Art

“Ghosts”, or its Lithuanian translation, “Vaiduokliai”, refers to our imperfect ability to represent visually the human condition. The exhibition presented two bodies of work, Ghosts, which use the human form quite straightforwardly, and, Forms of Being, which use material forms to create a sense of human presence. Each series was exhibited in its own space to occupy one floor of the two-storey gallery. The spectator was invited to make comparisons between the two forms of representation.

An important sub-text to both series of works is the use of photography. I create small models in my studio to photograph. The photographs were bit-mapped and printed onto film so that the images could be etched onto large steel plates and printed, to create Forms of Being. The photographs were printed directly with archival inkjet pigments onto paper for the major images in the series Ghosts: Dusk Man and Sitting. Each series has a different, and intentionally difficult, relationship with photographic truth. Forms of Being are ambiguous images that exist between photography and a more painterly form of representation: I subsequently worked on etched plates with traditional aquatint and soft-ground etching. Ghosts, while being more ‘photographically’ convincing, still push the subject-matter away from the viewer: the figures are seated on stages behind paper screens, silhouetted. Their true scale and quality is at a distance from the spectator. The ambiguity of the images is important to me because I believe it is a space for the spectator to interpret the images.

Forms of Being was first exhibited at Glasgow Print Studio, Trongate 103. A catalogue accompanied the exhibition.
Translated title of the contributionGhosts: solo exhibition
Original languageOther
Place of PublicationLithuania
PublisherVilnius Academy of Fine Art
Publication statusPublished - 30 Sep 2011


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  • Forms of Being

    Ganter, J., 2010

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