Graphic Scores: the artefacts and the compositions: The Project: Exhibitions, Performances, Papers

Josephine Ganter (Composer), Raymond MacDonald (Composer)

Research output: Non-textual formComposition

Abstract / Description of output

A suite of graphic scores made by visual artist Jo Ganter in collaboration with musician/composer Raymond MacDonald. Graphic scores use new visual symbols to direct music.

The resulting images replace conventional music scores for small groups of musicians. The music may vary each time the score is played, but is always specific to the score. While the suite of scores, Gradations of Light, were created in response to Marilyn Crispell’s music and environment, and for her to play, these graphic scores are entirely abstract and designed for any musician to play.

Printed with archival inkjet pigments, the original prints are abstract and colourful artworks created for exhibition as well as performance.

This output describes the rigorous processes used to create and play the graphic scores and provides evidence of peer review, dissemination and impact of the work as curators, conference committees and musicians invite Ganter and MacDonald to exhibit and perform the work, nationally and internationally.

Impact X, International Printmaking Conference at China Academy of Arts in Hangzhou, China 2015

Running Under Bridges, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, 2015

Kleinert James Center for the Arts, Woodstock NY 2017

Under Bridge Gate, The Briggait, Glasgow 2018

Notating Beauty That Moves, Artistree, Hong Kong 2018

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2014


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