Heat Exchange

Stephen Bottomley (Designer)

Research output: Non-textual formArtefact


Heat Exchange’ is an international touring exhibition of enamel metalwork curated by Turrell.E (UK), Gegenwart (Germany/UK) and Cameron (Australia).

Bottomley was one of twenty-three international artists invited to join a transcontinental on-line blog and forum that recorded individual contemporary approaches to working with vitreous enamel the year prior to the 2012 exhibition that coincided with the SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) National Conference in Phoenix Arizona USA.

Vitreous enamel on metal is a ‘fire art’ that stretches back over 4000 years. At its heart is the fusion of glass, metal and ceramic onto metal under heat often in excess of 800 degree Celsius.

The result is simply magical; a hard, glassy, corrosion resistant material that has also combined with the strength of the base metal. Though the form of this base metal can vary for thousands of years it has typically been on thin sheet metal so it can expand and contract at a compatible rate.

In the 21st Century aerospace industry has redeveloped familiar metals with intricate highly uniform structures that allow for the totally even and dependable exchange of heat and energy. This innovation has lead to a modern reinvention of familiar base metals like copper through new material science as super efficient ‘heat exchangers’ for space rockets and aircraft engines. These metals operate under the most challenging environments which have enabled my research into the stable fusion of diamond dust, sprinkled like star dust in the creation space age inspired jewellery".

Stephen Bottomley , Heat Exchanger 25.04.2012

The artists involved in Heat Exchange are:

Agnes von Rimsha
Amy Tavern
Arthur Hash
Astrid Keller
Barbara Ryman
Beate Gegenwart
Catherine Fairgrieve
Christine Graf
Elizabeth Turrell
Gretchen Goss
Heejin Hwang
Helen Carnac
Inari Kiuru
Jessica Turrell
Kathleen Browne
Katrina Tyler
Kirsten Haydon
Kirsty Sumerling
Melissa Cameron
Naoko Inuzuka
Stephen Bottomley
Susie Ganch
Young-I Kim

After closing in Arizona, the exhibition then travels to Erfurt, Germany, where it will go on display at the Kunstmuseen der Stadt Erfurt, Galerie Waidspeicher im Kulturhof Krönbacken on Saturday the 30th of June-12th of August 2012

Comment, Anne Schutte at the Shemer
Arts Center in Phoenix:

"We have never received so many complements on an exhibition before.
This was one of the best and will possibly be the best exhibits the
Shemer will ever have. Comments were - it's so clean, so smart,
strong designs, amazing skill, imaginative, etc. People came from out
of state that could not attend the conference (SNAG) to see this show
and the additional exhibitions throughout the valley. Tourists on
vacation that didn't know what to expect were amazed at the quality of
the exhibit. Please let everyone know!"
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationShemer Art Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona, USA (Heat Exchange); Galerie Waidspeicher im Kulturhof Krönbacken, Erfurt, Germany (Drawing, Permanence and Place 2); Museum Voor Vlakglas, Ravenstein, The Netherlands (Drawing, Permanence and Place 2) plus 2 others
Publication statusPublished - 3 May 2012


  • enamel, jewellery, metalwork, craft


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