Hematopoietic stem cells in mice during embryonic development preceding the establishment of liver hematopoiesis

O. I. Gan, Alexander Medvinsky, N. L. Samoilina

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We studied the time course of appearance of CFUs (7-8 days old) in embryos of (C57B1/6 x CBA)F1 mice from the 8th day of embryonic development. Significant amounts of CFUs could be detected from the 10th day of development, initially in the body of the embryo from the stage of 30-33 pairs of somites, then in the yolk sac and still later, from the stage of about 40 pairs of somites, in liver anlage. CFUs could not be reliably detected until the 9th day of development either in the embryo itself or in the yolk sac. However, after incubation of nine day old embryos for four days in organ culture, such cultures contained CFUs. CFUs could be found in significant levels in embryos explanted from the embryos at the stage no earlier than 24 pairs of somites. When the yolk sac and the embryo were cultivated separately, CFUs could also be detected, however, the removal of liver primordium from the embryo did not influence the amount of CFUs in its body. CFUs were not found in cultures of liver primordium from nine day old embryos. Thus, we can detect pre-CFUs in 9 day old embryos at the stage 25-28 pairs of somites using the system of organ culture; at the same time CFUs cannot be found in intact embryos of the same age. These data provide evidence that before the establishment of liver hemopoiesis precursors of CFUs are located both in the yolk sac and in the embryo outside rudimentary liver. However, our results do not provide any data for the conclusion about the primary source of pre-CFUs in the mouse embryo.
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)133-136
Journal Ontogenez
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1991

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