High-throughput characterisation of bull semen motility using differential dynamic microscopy

Alys Jepson, Jochen Arlt, Jonathan Statham, Mark Spilman, Katie Burton, Tiffany Wood, Wilson Poon, Vincent Martinez

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Abstract / Description of output

We report a high-throughput technique for characterising the motility of spermatozoa using differential dynamic microscopy. A movie with large field of view (~10mm2) records thousands of cells (e.g. 5000 cells even at a low cell density of 20 × 106 cells/ml) at once and yields averaged measurements of the mean (v) and standard deviation (σ) of the swimming speed, head oscillation amplitude (A0) and frequency (f0), and the fraction of motile spermatozoa
(α). Interestingly, we found that the measurement of α is facilitated because the swimming spermatozoa enhance the motion of the non-swimming population. We demonstrate the ease and rapidity of our method by performing on-farm characterisation of bull spermatozoa motility, and validate the technique by comparing laboratory measurements with tracking. Our results confirm the long-standing theoretical prediction that v A20f0 for swimming spermatozoa.
Original languageEnglish
JournalPLoS ONE
Publication statusPublished - 10 Apr 2019


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