Households: The (Un)ruly book: New Spatial Realities. Archifringe (Un)Learning Compendium 2021

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Abstract / Description of output

Households draws from personal reflections of living and ageing. It is inspired by Raising the Roof’s aspirations to construct an alternative to what is available in the current political landscape of housing, social care, and economics: Home, at Last (Archifringe 2019).

The (un)ruly book considers how we might better live together: towards sharing, agency and autonomy in the context of increasing age demographics, rising levels of loneliness and more paid work taking place at home - an already lived reality for many, particularly women and those with caring responsibilities.

We invite everyone to consider how we might collectively re-imagine our households and working lives in a way that embraces equity. Imagining more than assumptions of either working or retiring or the giving and receiving of care, as we adopt alternative value systems and enriched spaces for living.

Images created by Voices of Experience from their collection, with special thanks to and contributions from Raising the Roof.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2022

Publication series

NameNew Spatial Realities
PublisherArchitecture Fringe


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