Identification of Pt and Pt

C.R. Bingham, K.S. Toth, J.C. Batchelder, D.J. Blumenthal, L.T. Brown, B.C. Busse, L.F. Conticchio, C.N. Davids, T. Davinson, D.J. Henderson, R.J. Irvine, D. Seweryniak, W.B. Walters, P.J. Woods, B.E. Zimmerman

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Abstract / Description of output

In a series of Kr bombardments of Mo the new isotopes Pt and Pt were identified via their α-decay properties. The α-decay energies and half-lives of these two nuclides are as follows. (1) Pt, Eα = 7110(15) keV, T = 0.3(1) ms, and (2) Pt, Eα = 6988(10) keV, T = 0.7(2) ms. Also, the half-life of Pt, which was previously unknown, was determined to be 2.0(4) ms. In a separate but concurrent experiment involving Kr + Ru reactions, Pt was made and a half-life of 14.7(5) ms was measured for it; the one published value is 6 ms. Results for Os contained in the same data sets were also analyzed and by using mother-daughter correlations, the α branches of Os were established to be near 100%.
Original languageEnglish
JournalPhysical Review C
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 1996


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