Implementation of the Versius robotic surgical system for colorectal cancer surgery: first clinical experience

Danielle Collins, Hugh M Paterson, R J E Skipworth, Doug Speake

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The Versius surgical system from Cambridge Medical Robotics is the first UK based robotic platform to become commercially available. This is a prospective series in accordance with the IDEAL development framework for surgical innovation reporting the clinical implementation and initial experience using this robotic platform. Patients with colorectal cancer were included. Exclusion criteria included T4 tumours, ultra-low rectal cancer and severe co-morbidity (ASA ≥ 3). Institutional ethical approval was obtained, and patients were counselled pre-operatively with informed consent. Patients underwent colorectal resection using the Verisus Surgical System. Procedures were anticipated as hybrid operations (laparoscopic/robotic) consistent with a proof of concept/technical feasibility study. Main outcome measures included operative time, complication rates, and pathological results. Thirty-two patients (15 males) underwent colorectal cancer resections. Mean age was 68 years (27yrs-85yrs). Estimated blood loss was 150mls; range (<100mls to <500mls). For right hemicolectomy, the average operative time was 221mins (183mins- 323mins). The average console time was 111mins (64mins-213mins). For robotic anterior resection, the total operative time was on average 319mins (222mins-408mins) with an average console time of 204mins (85mins-242mins). There were eight grade II morbidities (22%) with no serious morbidities and no mortalities. Mean return to bowel function was 2.9 days (1-6 days). The average length of stay was 5.3 days with a median of 4 days, (2-20 days). All resections were R0 with an average lymph node yield of 20 nodes (8-46 nodes). Our initial experience with Versius demonstrates its safe adoption and implementation for colorectal resections. What does this paper add to the literature: This is the first paper to describe the clinical implementation of a new robotic platform for colorectal surgery. As per the IDEAL framework for surgical innovation, we describe the usability of the system and challenges encountered during implementation
Original languageEnglish
JournalColorectal Disease
Early online date5 Feb 2021
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 5 Feb 2021


  • Robotic surgery
  • Colorectal
  • Versius
  • IDEAL framework


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