The VIPLAN Methodology (VM), established by Raul Espejo (1988, 1992), offers a heuristic for dealing with complex (wicked, messy) situations. The VM is grounded conceptually in second order cybernetics as well as draws upon Peter Checkland’s Soft Systems Methodology. Its distinctive attribute is the explicit focus upon the organisational conditions that shape conversations relating to complex situations. This paper presents a revised version of the VM and explores the underlying concepts. It proposes that the VM can accommodate both qualitative and quantitative approaches. In conclusion, the question is asked: Is it a meta-methodology?
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 14 Sep 2022
EventOR64 Operational Research Society Annual Conference -
Duration: 13 Sep 202215 Sep 2022


ConferenceOR64 Operational Research Society Annual Conference
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