Input circuitry for receiving electrode signals, a biopotential signal sensor system, a neural probe, and a method for amplifying electrode signals

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An input circuitry for receiving electrode signals comprises: a plurality of channels for providing a multiplexed electrode signal input, each channel comprising a multiplexing switch for selecting one channel at a time, and an input transistor configured to be connected to an electrode, wherein the input transistor is configured to receive an electrode signal at a gate; and a reference input transistor, which is configured to be connected to a reference voltage at a gate; wherein an electrode signal received at a selected channel together with the reference voltage form input signals to an instrumentation amplifier; wherein the input circuitry is configured such that the input transistor of the selected channel forms part of a first flipped voltage follower and the reference input transistor forms part of a second flipped voltage follower.
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TypePatent Application
Publication statusPublished - 21 Jul 2022

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