International Law and the Environment

Alan Boyle, Catherine Redgwell, Patricia Birnie

Research output: Book/ReportBook


Coverage that provides a thorough grounding in the underlying principles with the added benefit of incisive criticism and commentary

Clear introductions and conclusions to chapters ensure students are guided through the subject and focus on the key issues

With detailed endnotes and a thorough bibliography the book offers a platform to a wealth of references to wider academic sources for advanced study and research

New to this edition
Increased coverage of Genetically Modified Organisms and biotechnology
Extended analysis of ethics and the environment
New material on the International Maritime Organisation and Non Governmental Organisations
Increased use of sub-headings and summaries
As conservation of the environment plays an increasingly important role within society, International Law and the Environment continues to be the essential read for students and practioners alike.

International Law and the Environment, whilst remaining rooted within the substantive law, places legislation on the protection of the environment firmly at the core of its current context. Written by three of the foremost experts in this field, the authors employ sharp and thorough analysis of the laws, allowing them to share their extensive knowledge and experience with the reader. The authors provide a unique perspective on the implications of International regulation, promoting a wider understanding of the pertinent issues impacting upon the law.

This edition features extended treatment of Genetically Modified Organisms and biotechnology as well as the implications of ethics and the environment. It also benefits from new material covering the role of the International Maritime Organisation and Non-Governmental Organisations, which continue to grow in their influence over legislative provisions. These revisions ensure that not only does International Law and the Environment remain at the forefront of developments but continues to provide the most complete coverage of the growing subject of environmental law.

Readership: Final year undergraduate students, postgraduates and Phd students of international and environmental law.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherOxford University Press
Number of pages888
ISBN (Print)9780198764229
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2009


  • environment
  • ecosystems
  • oceans
  • rivers
  • biodiversity
  • climate
  • pollution
  • natural resources
  • endangered species
  • nature protection
  • sustainable development
  • transboundary risk
  • environmental rights
  • environmental regulation
  • environmental governance
  • trade and environment
  • dispute settlement

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