Kate Davis And David Moore ME:WE: Aldeburgh Beach lookout Residency

David Moore (Artist), Kate Davis (Artist)

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


The work for Aldeburgh Beach Lookout Residency is the 3rd in a series of works. This body of creative outputs seeks to examine the creative similarities in writing poetry and constructing collage works as a collaborative activity. Works to date have been developed and exhibited on residency in southern France and Spain. We wished to explore the possibility of working collaboratively across two media in response to a new environment. In this way we could examine the link between art and language and test our responses to a common experience.

We have been looking into the unique way in which we feel our teaching practice and art practice sustain each other. Our journey to working together collaboratively was born out of the very skills we felt we had gained as teachers in higher education. There are many situations where artists and theoreticians discuss art but far fewer conversations relate to how a work is developed and realised. This tends to be an area of conversation about art that exists all most exclusively between the student and their studio tutors and where the tutor advises and imparts their knowledge and the student takes guidance on how to proceed. The work produced for this residency adopts this relationship but as equals giving and taking advice.
As Heidegger suggests in ‘The Origin Of The Work Of Art’, we dwell in the place between things, on the bridge. This idea of revealing, the unconcealed, is the ‘work’ done in preparation towards the finished artworks, and requires attention.

In this work it is very important for us to experience outside influences that come from particular places and cultures. In our works in France and Spain the landscape and the literature about the local culture were major driving factors in the shaping of our works. We saught to develop this drawing-in of sources further, through conversations with visiting guests and exchanges with local communities during this short residency at the Lookout Tower.

We are interested in the idea of local folklore, myth and legend and their effects, good and bad, on local cultures and how they now exist within a contemporary global culture.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2014


  • ME-WE

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