Learning from real life 'extraordinary' outdoor leaders

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As we enter a new phase of being in the world, we are experiencing change at an ever increasing rate; faced with new challenges, traditional theories of leadership in isolation are proving to be inadequate, in particular when describing highly successful leaders in a number of sectors (business and management). This paper reports on early findings from doctoral research exploring the essence of ‘extraordinary’ outdoor leadership and the role of contemporary theories of leadership (transformational, authentic, and spiritual) in describing this level of leadership. Emerging from this research is a conceptual framework linking levels of leadership effectiveness (effective, exemplary and extraordinary) to the contemporary theories of leadership aforementioned. The framework was developed in order to aid the identification of characteristics, values, behaviours and skills of ‘extraordinary’ outdoor leaders. Early insights gleamed from the research thus far indicate the need to draw from a number of leadership theories when demonstrating ‘extraordinary’ outdoor leadership. Implications for how individuals approach their own leadership, as well as the development of leadership in outdoor education professionals will be discussed.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 15 Apr 2009
EventThe Fourth International Outdoor Education Research Conference - La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia
Duration: 15 Apr 200918 Apr 2009


ConferenceThe Fourth International Outdoor Education Research Conference


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