Luminous latitude touring programme

Beverley Hood (Artist), Rebecca Milling (Artist), Zoe Irving (Artist), Sandy Hutton (Artist), Lindsay Perth (Artist), Tracy Foster (Artist)

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


The Luminous Latitude Touring Programme is a not for profit venture and will be promoted widely within venues, festivals, galleries and artist-run spaces nationally and internationally, celebrating the vital contribution that Scottish artists and filmmakers are making to international moving image culture. Our primary aims are:•To raise the international exposure of Scotland based artists making visually experimental, formally radical, politically activist or culturally subversive moving image work of the highest standard.•To expand the range of screening opportunities for artists’ film and develop new audiences for artists’ film within a national Scottish context.•To stimulate critical dialogue through artist/curator talks and Q&A sessions at screenings. Luminous Latitude #1 is a feature length programme of short artists’ film works. This is the first edition of what we hope will be an annual touring showcase for Scottish made moving image work. The programme will be actively promoted internationally through 2015.

As part of the Luminous Latitude Programme I exhibited a collaborative work Exquisite Corpse, created with the Ethel Maude Collective, which I am part of. The Surrealists’ game of Exquisite Corpse originally involved a piece of paper, with concertina folds, onto which each member of a group draws a body part, without being able to see what others have drawn on the paper. The individual composite parts come together as a whole as the paper is unfolded at the end. Here members of the artist collective Ethel Maude created an experimental video work adapting the rules of the game. Contributors worked in a chain providing their final 3 seconds to the next participant, who then responded and handed on their final 3 seconds. Once the film was assembled a soundtrack was created for the whole piece.

Other artists within the screening programme are: Lucas Battich; Scott Willis; Demelza Kooij & Lars Koens; karel dolak; Julie Brook; Alastair Cook; Beagles & Ramsay; Rachel Maclean; Sam Spreckley; Matt Hulse; Rob Kennedy;

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 14 Mar 2015


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