Mapping the N=40 island of inversion: Precision mass measurements of neutron-rich Fe isotopes

W. S. Porter*, B. Ashrafkhani, J. Bergmann, C. Brown, T. Brunner, J. D. Cardona, D. Curien, I. Dedes, T. Dickel, J. Dudek, E. Dunling, G. Gwinner, Z. Hockenbery, J. D. Holt, C. Hornung, C. Izzo, A. Jacobs, A. Javaji, B. Kootte, G. Kripkó-KonczE. M. Lykiardopoulou, T. Miyagi, I. Mukul, T. Murböck, W. R. Plaß, M. P. Reiter, J. Ringuette, C. Scheidenberger, R. Silwal, C. Walls, H. L. Wang, Y. Wang, J. Yang, J. Dilling, A. A. Kwiatkowski

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalLetterpeer-review


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