Measurements of branching ratios for eta decays into charged particles

P. Adlarson, W. Augustyniak, W. Bardan, M. Bashkanov, F. S. Bergmann, M. Berlowski, H. Bhatt, A. Bondar, M. Buescher, H. Calen, I. Ciepal, H. Clement, D. Coderre, E. Czerwinski, K. Demmich, R. Engels, A. Erven, W. Erven, W. Eyrich, P. FedoretsK. Foehl, K. Fransson, F. Goldenbaum, A. Goswami, K. Grigoryev, C. -O. Gullstrom, L. Heijkenskjold, V. Hejny, N. Huesken, L. Jarczyk, T. Johansson, B. Kamys, G. Kemmerling, F. A. Khan, G. Khatri, A. Khoukaz, D. A. Kirillov, S. Kistryn, H. Kleines, B. Klos, W. Krzemien, P. Kulessa, A. Kupsc, A. Kuzmin, K. Lalwani, D. Lersch, B. Lorentz, A. Magiera, R. Maier, P. Marciniewski, WASA-at-COSY Collaboration

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


The WASA-at-COSY experiment has collected 3 x 10(7) events with eta mesons produced via the reaction pd -> He-3 eta at T = 1.0 GeV. Using this data set, we evaluate the branching ratios of the decays eta -> pi(+)pi(-)gamma, eta -> e(+)e(-)gamma, eta -> pi(+)pi(-)e(+)e(-), and eta -> e(+)e(-)e(+)e(-). The branching ratios are normalized to the eta -> pi(+)pi(-) pi(0) decay. In addition an upper limit on a CP-violating asymmetry in eta -> pi(+)pi(-)e(+)e(-) is extracted.

Original languageEnglish
Article number065206
Number of pages13
JournalPhysical Review C
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 23 Dec 2016


  • MU(+)MU(-)GAMMA
  • NA60

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