Measuring Unified Dark Matter with 3D Cosmic Shear

Stefano Camera, Thomas kitching, Alan heavens, Daniele Bertacca, Antonaldo Diaferio

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We present parameter estimation forecasts for future 3D cosmic shear surveys for a class of Unified Dark Matter (UDM) models, where a single scalar field mimics both Dark Matter (DM) and Dark Energy (DE). These models have the advantage that they can describe the dynamics of the Universe with a single matter component providing an explanation for structure formation and cosmic acceleration. A crucial feature of the class of UDM models we use in this work is characterised by a parameter, c_inf (in units of the speed of light c=1), that is the value of the sound speed at late times, and on which structure formation depends. We demonstrate that the properties of the DM-like behaviour of the scalar field can be estimated with very high precision with large-scale, fully 3D weak lensing surveys. We found that 3D weak lensing significantly constrains c_inf, and we find minimal errors 0.00003, for the fiducial value c_inf=0.001, and 0.000026, for c_inf=0.012. Moreover, we compute the Bayesian evidence for UDM models over the LCDM model as a function of c_inf. For this purpose, we can consider the LCDM model as a UDM model with c_inf=0. We find that the expected evidence clearly shows that the survey data would unquestionably favour UDM models over the LCDM model, for the values c_inf>0.001.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
JournalMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Publication statusPublished - 25 Feb 2010

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