Meeting Report: State of the Art Meeting on Sex and Gender in Organ Transplantation: the Female Perspective

Anette Melk, Rizky Indrameikha , Thorsten Saenger, Curie Ahn, Anita Chong, Aviva Goldberg, Carl Grabitz, Roslyn Mannon, Lorna P Marson, Nima Memaran, Ruth sapir-pichhadze, Stefan Tullius, Jeannine von der Born, Lori West, Bethany J. Foster, Louise Lerminiaux, Germaine Wong

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Sex- and gender-based inequities in organ transplantation represent a critically relevant, yet
under-appreciated aspect that impacts upon patient and graft outcomes. Biologic factors
(sex), as well as psychological-, social-, and economic factors (gender) all contribute to these
disparities. While such disparities are observed consistently worldwide, access to care and
differences in allograft and patient outcomes by sex and gender differ between countries,
emphasizing the necessity to engage the global community. Moreover, as in many other
professional areas, gender disparities exist among professionals in transplantation science and
medicine. To address the need for global recognition of the interplay between sex and gender
in transplantation, and to define unmet needs, Anette Melk (Hannover Medical School),
Bethany Foster (McGill University), Germaine Wong (University of Sydney), and Louise
Lerminiaux (patient representative) initiated the international hybrid symposium “Sex and
Gender in Transplantation: The Female Perspective”, which took place October 5th-7th 2022,
in Hannover, Germany. The interdisciplinary symposium connected clinicians, researchers,
and patients from around the globe. Instead of taking the traditional male perspective, efforts
were made to ensure a female perspective and approach to both the content and organization
of the symposium. The symposium had three aims. Firstly, we aimed to identify areas
pertaining to sex and gender where more research is needed, with an emphasis on creating
evidence to inform guidelines and policies. Second, we integrated patients’ perspectives and
experience in the execution of patient-centred research. Finally, the symposium focused on
achieving equity in access to careers in transplantation, defining metrics of success and
strategies to accelerate progress in this area.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 17 Feb 2023


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