Membrane lesions of prion disease are not replicated by anchored A beta and different molecular forms of disease specific PrP are directed to different parts of the cell

Martin Jeffrey, Gillian McGovern, Nora Hunter, Marion M. Simmons, Amudha Nagarathinum, Mathias Jucker, Frank Baumann, Lorenzo Gonzalez

Research output: Contribution to journalMeeting abstractpeer-review

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)55-56
Number of pages2
Issue numberSuppt.
Publication statusPublished - 2014
EventPrion 2014 - Trieste, Italy, United Kingdom
Duration: 24 May 201430 Jun 2014


  • prion disease
  • A beta
  • membrane
  • microgliosis
  • GPI anchor

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